Our Products & Services

At Thermco we supply a wide range of high quality immersion heaters, manufactured to the highest standard, right here in the United Kingdom.


Thermco Electricals produce a comprehensive range of standard 2 ¼” BSP 3kW immersion heaters for use in vented cylinders. Produced to conform to European Standard BS.EN60335.2.73 the heaters are fitted with combined thermostat and safety over temperature cut-out and provided with a non-asbestos gasket.

We offer heaters fitted with copper elements, for soft water areas, Incoloy for use in hard water areas, and titanium for use in areas which have extra hard/aggressive water conditions. Copper heaters are not suitable for use in stainless steel cylinders, where Incoloy or titanium must be used, or for use in unvented cylinders or thermal store units. See our details on special immersion heaters.

We also supply a special low noise, long life, low watts density 16” (380mm), Incoloy heater designed for use in Economy 7 systems where low noise when running at night is desirable. For our range of lower wattage heaters, see our web page on LoWatt heaters.


Thermco Electricals produce a wide range of Industrial Immersion Heaters, designed to meet every specification, and all applications.

Our heaters are fitted with an IP65 rated, robust, cast aluminum, powder coated  terminal cover, a hot-stamped brass threaded flange, and fitted with  the option of either Incoloy or, for standard heaters,  titanium heating elements. Gaskets and cable glands are also suppled..  All heaters are pressure tested to 4 bar , and are made in the UK . Flanges can be threaded from  1 1/2" BSP to 2 1/4" BSP, The terminal cover is rotatable by 360 deg to ensure ease of installation.

A control thermostats and security over temperature cut out will be fitted to each heater to suit the control required.

In-Line (Geeza Heaters)

Based on the well-known Willis Heater, the Geeza is a heater with an integrally fitted immersion heater complete with a thermostat incorporating a safety cut-out and prewired with 1.3m of cable. The assembly is also fitted with an outer insulation sleeve.

Dual Immersion Heaters
Thermco Electricals produce the complete range of Dual Immersion Heaters, from 23" to 36" long, in both Copper for copper cylinders and Long-Life Incoloy for use in stainless steel cylinders or in areas of hard water.  We fit a quality, highly reliable thermostat, incorporating a safety cut out, and fit 4-core cable in lengths of 1 metre or 2 metre.


Thermco engineers have been involved in the design and manufacture of immersion heaters for unvented cylinders for nearly 20 years. We can supply in  threads sizes from 1 1/4" BSP to 2 1/4" BSP, Incoloy and titanium materials and can offer the most suitable thermostat arrangement for your product.


Thermco Electricals produce a wide range of high quality  low wattage immersion heaters for use with marine, solar, eco and wind energy systems.  The heaters are fitted with Incoloy sheathed elements for long life, and  titanium sheathed elements can be fitted where high levels of chlorides may be present.

Wattages range from 500 Watt to 2000 Watt and are available with thread sizes of 1 ¼”, 1 ¾” 2” and 2 ¼” BSP.

All heaters are produced to conform to EN.60335.2.73, and are fitted with combined thermostat and high temperature security cut out. When specified for marine applications, special high temperature cut-outs are fitted to avoid nuisance tripping.

Bespoke Heaters

Thermco Electricals Ltd supply a wide range of immersion heaters for special applications, such as:

THERMAL STORE HEATERS. Our heaters are of low noise, low watts density design and are fitted with higher temperature thermostats calibrated to suit each particular application with a manually resettable safety cut-out. Thread sizes 1 3/4" BSP to 2 1/4" BSP.

AGRICULTURAL USE. We can supply special immersion heaters for use in water heaters specially designed for use  in a variety of applications, such as dairies. Heaters can be fitted with titanium elements can be supplied to maximise service life in high temperature applications, where water comes from borehole supplies.

ABBATOIRS.  We supply a range of heaters for use in various abattoir applications, where high water temperatures are required, together with a high protection against water ingress.

HAIRDRESSING UNITS. High wattage units designed for use in hairdressing water heaters are available, fitted with long life elements.

REPLACEMENT ELEMENTS.  With our vast experience, we can supply replacement immersion heaters for most types of water heaters, from one off upwards.

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