Immersion Heater Information

Standard Domestic Immersion Heaters

Thermco Electricals produce a comprehensive range of standard 2 ¼” BSP 3kW immersion heaters for use in vented cylinders. Produced to conform to European Standard BS.EN60335.2.73 the heaters are fitted with combined thermostat and safety over temperature cut-out and provided with a non-asbestos gasket.

We offer heaters fitted with copper elements, for soft water areas, Incoloy for use in hard water areas, and titanium for use in areas which have extra hard/aggressive water conditions. Copper heaters are not suitable for use in stainless steel cylinders, where Incoloy or titanium must be used, or for use in unvented cylinders or thermal store units.

C14TCOPPER11" 275mm7" 175mmSoft Water
C14TCOPPER14" 330mm11" 275mmSoft Water
C18TCOPPER18" 450mm11" 275mmSoft Water
C23TCOPPER23" 575mm18" 450mmSoft Water
C27TCOPPER27" 675mm18" 450mmSoft Water
C30TCOPPER30" 750mm18" 450mmSoft Water
C36TCOPPER36" 900mm18" 450mmSoft Water
T11TINCOLOY11" 275mm7" 175mmHard Water
T14TINCOLOY14" 330mm11" 275mmHard Water
T18TINCOLOY18" 450mm11" 275mmHard Water
T23TINCOLOY23" 575mm18" 450mmHard Water
T27TINCOLOY27" 675mm18" 450mmHard Water
T30TINCOLOY30" 750mm18" 450mmHard Water
T36TINCOLOY36" 900mm18" 450mmHard Water
Z11TTITANIUM11" 275mm7" 175mmVery Hard Water
Z27TTITANIUM27" 675mm18" 450mmVery Hard Water

We also supply a special low noise, long life, low watts density 16” (380mm), Incoloy heater designed for use in Economy 7 systems where low noise when running at night is desirable.

For our range of lower wattage heaters, see our LoWatt heaters

Standard Industrial Immersion Heaters

XT201111" 280mm2kW1 Phase
XT301111" 280mm3kW1 Phase
XT301515" 380mm3kW1 or 3 Phase
XT302727" 685mm3kW1 or 3 Phase
XT451111" 280mm4.5kW1 or 3 Phase
XT601515" 380mm6kW1 or 3 Phase
XT602727" 685mm6kW1 or 3 Phase
XT603636" 915mm6kW1 or 3 Phase
XT901515" 380mm9kW3 Phase Only
XT902727" 685mm9kW3 Phase Only
XT903636" 915mm9kW3 Phase Only
XT1202727" 685mm12kW3 Phase Only
XT1203636" 915mm12kW3 Phase Only

Heater thread size. If 2 ¼”BSP required, replace “X” with “A”, if 2”BSP, replace “X” with “B”, 1 ¾” BSP, replace “X” with “C” ,a nd 1 ½” BSP replace “X” with “D”.

Remember, if the size/loading you want is not listed, please ring our Technical Department -  chances are, we can make it.

Standard LoWatt Immersion Heaters

Thermco Electricals produce a wide range of high quality low wattage immersion heaters for use with marine, solar, eco and wind energy systems.  The heaters are fitted with Incoloy sheathed elements for long life, and titanium sheathed elements can be fitted where high levels of chlorides may be present.

Wattages range from 500 Watt to 2000 Watt and are available with thread sizes of 1 ¼”, 1 ½, 1 ¾”, 2” and 2 ¼” BSP.

All heaters are produced to conform to EN.60335.2.73, and are fitted with combined thermostat and high temperature security cut out. When specified for marine applications, special high temperature cut-outs are fitted to avoid nuisance tripping.

All LoWatt heaters are all produced in the UK and we offer short delivery times, often within 24 hours. Contact our sales department to get a quote for your requirements and if the heater you require in not listed above, please ring us as chances are we will be able to produce it.