Industrial Applications of Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are an efficient and inexpensive heating option for large amounts of fluid. They have heating elements that directly heat the fluid they are in contact with. They can be installed at the top of the vessel or mounted on the sidewall. The direct heat transfer allows fast and efficient heating of the contents.

Thermco UK supplies a wide variety of immersion heaters made from the highest quality materials and components. Having been in business for almost 100 years, we can offer our customers innovative and reliable immersion heaters for use in domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. Through continuous product development, we seek to provide our customers with heating solutions suitable for their specific requirements.

Thermco Electrical’s Industrial Immersion Heater

Heating keeps fluids from freezing, maintains a constant flow, and ensures process stability. Traditionally, industries use fuel-powered boilers to supply heat to various process fluids. This method of heating has a huge environmental impact since the combustion of fossil fuels generates greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming. In addition, spiking fuel costs and the significant amount of energy loss associated with the use of fossil fuels increase operating costs. Because of this, various industries shifted to the use of immersion heaters in their processes. With the flexibility of electrical power, immersion heaters can provide consistent and efficient heating economically and safely.

Here are some industrial applications of immersion heaters:

Petrochemical Industry
Petrochemical products such as oil can turn to gel or thick wax at considerably low temperatures. Heating is necessary to keep them flowing for continuous operations, especially during winter. Over-the-side immersion heaters can be installed without invasive changes to the surrounding infrastructures, thereby enabling heating of petrochemical products at the desired temperature simply and efficiently.

Cement Curing

Cement is vital to the construction industry; it is used in building infrastructures. Cement curing is done to make the cement strong, durable, and resistant to cracking and shrinking. Typically, a curing tank with an open-top is used for easy access. Closed vessels, however, are preferred for use if faster curing time is desired. Cement cured using curing tanks heated by immersion heaters are stronger and more durable because immersion heaters can efficiently and rapidly supply the heat necessary to cure the cement. Over-the-side immersion heaters are the most commonly used type of immersion heaters for cement curing.


Laboratories use immersion heaters in sterilization and pill drying. These processes require precise control of temperature; immersion heaters enable that control. A screw plug immersion heater is the most used for these applications.

Chemical Industry

Immersion heaters serve as the best heating solution for the production, storage, and transportation of chemicals. As precise temperature control is required by many processes in the chemical industry, immersion heaters play an essential role in preventing fluid from freezing and enabling the yielding of high volumes of product with reliable quality. Oftentimes, improper heating of chemicals leads to product degradation that cannot be altered by further reprocessing.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Food and beverage industries employ processes that require heating. Immersion heaters can accurately and precisely maintain specific temperatures to prevent undercooking, overcooking, and spoilage of products. They can also be used for quickly generating large amounts of hot water for use in cleaning and sterilization processes. Flange, over-the-side, and screw plug immersion heaters are the types of immersion heaters most used in food and beverage manufacturing.

Wastewater Management

With the growing demand for clean water, wastewater treatment is essential for the safe discharge of effluent to bodies of water. Immersion heaters are used in wastewater treatment facilities to prevent the freezing of water in the reservoirs and pipes. They are essential both in wastewater storage and processing. Freezing can cause system clogs, resulting in interrupted operations or wastewater overflow.

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